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Welcome to the Syga Thomas Smart Investing Academy built for investors, entrepreneurs, and the ambitious who want to make real change in their investment decisions and reach their full potential.

Leverage proven strategies built on decades of experience.

We take pride in Smart Investing.

Our Programs are Built and Designed for...


Learn how to invest with confidence, develop your mindset, and reach new financial highs in your investment portfolio


Diversifying your income streams and develop a backbone for safety with cash sitting in your bank account

The Ambitious

You have always thought outside of the box and been creative with ways on how to make money - now it's time to take it to the next level

Always trying to beat the market is a game that no one can win.​

We understand that time is your most valuable asset. With not enough time in the day to figure out the best trades to make, real estate to buy, or commodity to jump on next, it can be tempting to FOMO your way into shiny object syndrome and invest all of your money in the next scam or dead investment. 

The most successful investors use proven tried and true strategies. The way you invest has the power to change your life forever for better or for worse. 

Strong diversified and methodically thought out investment portfolios get more returns and increase wealth now and into the future.

New Course

The Commercial
Real Estate Booster

Maximize your potential as commercial real estate

If you can answer “yes” to one (or many) of these investor dilemmas, you’ve come to the right place.​

· Do you find yourself buying investment real estate property that you never seem to see to completion? 

· If you ask your family if you’ve made questionable financial decisions recently will they say yes? 

· Are you ready to stop getting beached in the stock market and start identifying opportunities that can change your life? 

· Do you need a refresher in investment basics to get you back in the game? 

· Are you passionate about your financial well being now and into the future? 

· Are your ready to work towards real financial freedom?

Tried and Tested

Even if you’re a beginner in debt, my free class will help you understand why investing is the most powerful, low-maintenance way to build wealth.

Years of Experience​
Happy Clients
Programs & Trainings


Tailored Training​

Training programs tailored to your unique needs.​​


Forecasting Foundations ​

Learn how to forecast for success. 

Winning Mentality​

Learn how to develop habits that energize your day and set you up to win.

Templates and Frameworks

Templates, frameworks and worksheets that you can directly put to use.

Lessons and Modules​

Lesson and modules for you to use at your disposal on your own time.

We’ve built these courses to help you get where you need to go quickly and effectively. Save time and budget.

When you’re first getting started, it’s crucial to invest your dollars in the right places. You most likely need to put your budget towards new technology, hiring more resources, and research and development. Yet, financial advisors charge upwards of $50,000 for investment advice. Who has that kind of capital just lying around?

Our courses are at least…

0 x
less expensive than the average financial advisor.

You don’t need to waste your prestious time and resources on a typical sharkish financial advisor. Our courses are designed to accelerate your investment know how so you feel comfortable putting your money in worthwhile financial assets. 

We know your time is valuable. That’s why our courses are jam-packed with templates, frameworks and resources that will get you from zero to hero. Maximize your time and don’t break the bank.


What Other Investors Think of the Syga Thomas Approach

I can't believe the value I'm getting from this for what I'm paying. I feel like I have more to take with me from The Course than I do from any degree that I have hanging on my wall.
Emma Odinson
If you ever need me to tell other investors or agents how awesome your course is and what I got from it, then let me know, I will be happy to share my success with anyone.​
Kristina Jones
Real Estate Agent​
Finished up the course last night and already used the knowledge to make my first investment! Thank you, Syga! Will definitely recommend it to everyone
I know!
Brittany Foxx
This course is a nuts and bolts - real practical hands on - type of experience. Thank you Syga for sharing your knowledge and talents! Grateful for the lessons I have learned from you!
Mark Foster​

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In fact, you don’t need to have any real estate experience or stock market experience.

These courses are for ANYONE interested in learning how to  make more money, build better business ecosystems, structure your financial portfolio, and more. 

We’ve had entrepreneurs, digital marketers, investors, salespeople, agents, brokers, and even students enroll. 

Interested in being more successful with your investments? 

This Academy is for you! 

A typical course includes 8-10 modules with approximately 20 hours of video instruction that make up the core. There is also a planner and assignments/quizzes after each class which may take you a few more hours.

The timeframe and pace at which you complete the core of each course is totally up to you!

You have lifetime access to the videos once you sign up for any course.

These courses will be an investment in your future self. Don’t wait. Invest now. For less than $400, you’ll get access to everything you need to invest more, make more, and treat yourself to a better lifestyle.

Forever! There’s no deadline for course completion. Once you join a course, you have access for life.

Absolutely not! Students are from all age brackets and get tremendous value from the courses — regardless of their age! 

Not a problem! If you prefer to pay in a currency other than the U.S. Dollar, please chat or email us at courses@sygathomas.com

You’ll be able to post questions to a dedicated community page and I’ll answer them within 24-48 hours.