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I've done the work for you. Below you’ll find my curated list of products including one-on-one sessions, webinars, courses, templates, and more. Select the ones that best meet your needs!

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Coaching Session With Syga Thomas

Get Exclusive Personal Finance Session with America’s Go-To Money Coach, Syga Thomas.. A good financial coach can help those struggling with money get their heads above water, help people increase their wealth potential, and help teach investmentstrategies. $497.00USD  $397.00USD


I’m so happy you’re joining me on your financial journey.

Let’s talk about budgeting. First,I get it. The word “budget” doesnot exactly spark excitement.
Fortunately, I have good news.Budgeting does not have to be a drag.Instead, budgeting can be
empowering and helpyou feel confident. So you don’t cringe every time you open a credit card
or bank statement.And don’t worry, our budgeting system doesn’t take hours….you’ll just need
to devote an afternoon or evening to get it set up.



Save, Spend,Share

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I’m going to be straightforward here: you just can’t take control of your finances and create good, lasting money habits without a solid budget plan. This is Rule #1 when fixing your money mindset.You have to know where your money is going.Completely flexible, dynamic set of spreadsheets that lets you budget and save...

$28.99 USD


Investing and Business

1-on-1 Mentoring Session With Syga Thomas

Every seasoned entrepreneur knows that a good mentor is more —and that’s saying something. So, whether you’ve been investing for years or you’re just trying to get your finances straightened out, my 1-On-1 with Syga guidance  realign your money goals, or push your ventures to the next level.  $1,997.00 USD$1,397.00 USD


Business Strategy Session With Syga Thomas

Get Exclusive Business Strategy Session with Syga Thomas to Push Yourself and Your Business.The Building your own business is hard work! I know; I’ve done it several times. And let me tell you, I could not have gotten through that process the first time, let alone several times, without laying a lot of groundwork first.

$497.00 USD  $300.00 USD


Real Estate

Real Estate Strategy Session With Syga Thomas

Get Exclusive real estate strategy session with Syga Thomas to Push Yourself and Your.This is my bread and butter! I bought my first real investment property in 2007, and I have never looked back In fact, real estate investing is how I managed to save over a million dollars in my personal savings account by the time I was 32$497.00 USD    $297.00 USD