The Commercial Real Estate Booster

Sharpen your knowledge of more complex aspects of CRE.

Discover and dominate your niche.

Accelerate business growth with confidence.

Enhance your reputation with a wider client base.

Welcome to The Commercial Real Estate Booster Course: A 7-module course that sets up commercial real estate professionals and entrepreneurs for growth and success.

If you can answer “yes” to one (or many) of these commercial real estate professional dilemmas, you’ve come to the right place:

·Are you passionate about commercial real estate, but you have difficulty understanding what’s required?

·Do you wish to be more current with the latest trends in lease payments? 

·Are you less confident in reviewing financials or completing full underwriting when buying and selling commercial properties?  

·Do you fail to grasp important concepts and then get surprised by hidden costs and useable spaces that are smaller than you’d envisioned?

· Are you oblivious of what makes up your operating expenses and not sure how you can best manage increasing expenses over time?

This course is built by and designed for …

Real Estate Agents

Establish your credibility in the market to secure high net worth clients and propel your career.


Think big, execute due diligence and craft investing strategy with consistent returns and highest growth potential.


Build teams and develop a business plan to recognize opportunities and seize them.

To ride the next wave of Commercial Real Estate Market Growth, you need to be prepared,

We are sure you’re highly ambitious and focused on leveraging the opportunities that can set you for success. With the current market trends playing out, you need to move efficiently and practice extensive due diligence.

Becoming successful in the commercial real estate market requires persistence and strategy. You must start by building a strong knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the crucial elements in the commercial real estate business. Only when you are familiar with the fundamentals of CRE can you organize your business, take control of your schedule and develop strategies that best suit your goals and situation.

We’ve built this course to enable you to find success a lot sooner. Learn at your own pace. Save time and money.

If you’re trying to break into the commercial real estate market, you need to gear up to meet the demands of this rewarding yet unpredictable arena. Your clients expect you to be armed with the right skills and knowledge to help them make the best decisions to buy, sell, or rent a commercial property. A thorough understanding of leasing, operating, financing and underwriting will go a long way. Are you ready to begin your success story?

The Commercial Real Estate Booster is at least

0 x

less expensive than an average agency.

Our objective is to take the guesswork and hesitation out of your decision-making. Learn the basic CRE principles and make winning a consistent event. The Commercial Real Estate Booster course is designed to build your knowledge and give you a competitive edge in the market. 

This course prioritizes the most important concepts and presents the right content in a compelling and impactful format. It equips you with the right knowledge for strategic and tactical value-enhancement decision-making for commercial real estate. You’ll walk away more confident, focused and empowered.

In Case You’re Wondering: Here’s what happens to less strategic investors

Relying too much on emotions rather than logic, resulting in losses

Being disorganized when it comes to prospecting and executing deals.

Getting lost in the complex landscape, conflicting demands, and insufficient support.

Underestimate the operating expenses of a commercial property despite putting your best efforts

Holding onto self-limiting beliefs with no real results

This course is built by and designed for … Get your complete commercial real estate investing toolkit, start-to-finish and ready-to-use for you.

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What Other Investors Think of the Syga Thomas Approach

I can't believe the value I'm getting from this for what I'm paying. I feel like I have more to take with me from The Course than I do from any degree that I have hanging on my wall.
Emma Odinson
If you ever need me to tell other investors or agents how awesome your course is and what I got from it, then let me know, I will be happy to share my success
with anyone.
Real Estate Agent​​

We also have a 3rd quote from Brittany Foxx, a student

Finished up the course last night and already used the knowledge to make my first investment! Thank you, Syga! Will definitely recommend it to everyone I know!
Real Estate Agent​​

Course Resources to Support You Across Every Step

Each module has a specific theme and respective tasks to practice what you’ve learned with actionable templates and frameworks. You’ll go through proven investing strategies and tactics and take assessments that help you retain what you learn. 

Each course resource is designed to support you across every step of the process. 

Gain access to:

● The Importance of Commercial Real Estate Investing                            

● Different Types of Commercial Properties

● Comparison between various lease types

 ● Usable vs. Rentable Square Footage Template

● Analysis of revenue generators and expenses

● How-To: Finance Commercial Real Estate Projects

● Determine The Economic Feasibility of Any Project

*You won’t be able to find these materials anywhere else.

See What You’ll Be Able to Accomplish Once You’ve Completed The Commercial Real Estate Booster Course

Strategize your way to wealth

Enhance your income streams

Improve CRE investment returns

Create your specialized niche

Secure financing even before you start looking

Know a good deal when you see one

Use the right metrics to assess real estate​

Implement important formulas for underwriting properties

Mitigate risk exposure

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$ 30 Monthly Membership
  • Resource Library
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$ 199 Each Courses
  • In depth smart investing modules
  • Actionable templates and frameworks that
    accelerate your success
  • Unbreakable investing foundational skills
  • Live deal-closing demos
  • Investing examples
  • Best practices from Syga Thomas and his

It’s time to build YOUR diversified commercial real estate

This is your guide to land the perfect investment opportunity and what you need to do to make it work for you.

If you have any questions, or you would like to learn more, we’re always here to help. You can reach out to the Syga Thomas team by sending an email to ______ or call +123-456-122.

Explore the Curriculum​

Module 1

Intro to Commercial Real Estate

Learn why you should invest in commercial real estate. 

Module 2

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Gain an understanding of the different types of commercial real estate assets in granular detail. 

Module 3

Measuring Commercial Real Estate

Learn how to measure a commercial real estate property accurately.

Module 4

Types of Commercial Real Estate Lease

Discover the different types of commercial real estate leases. 

Module 5

Operating Commercial Real Estate

Know the main pillars and formulas for operating commercial real estate. 

Module 6

Financing Commercial Real Estate Projects

Focuses on financing mechanisms on both the equity and the debt sides.

Module 7

Underwriting Commercial Real Estate Properties

Learn how and what it means to underwrite commercial real estate properties. 

Welcome to the Syga Thomas Smart Investing Academy built for investors, entrepreneurs, and the ambitious who want to make real change in their investment decisions and reach their full potential.

Leverage proven strategies built on decades of experience.

We take pride in Smart Investing.

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