Hey, I’m Syga.

As America’s go-to Money Coach and Investment Expert, I’m on a mission to improve financial literacy and money mindsets across the nation. From setting a productive money mindset to entering the investment world, I guide go-getters through everything they need to know to achieve financial freedom and live life on their terms! And I’m not talking about “magical” get-rich-quick schemes either. I’m talking about teaching entrepreneurs and young Americans how to work smarter, eliminate debt, and make intelligent investing choices.

Whether you’re living on your own, in a relationship, prioritizing your career, starting a family, or just trying to live life to the fullest, managing your expenses can be frustrating, anxious work. It can even feel like a never-ending battle against your bank account.

My goal is to help you achieve financial freedom through prudent investing.

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I want to show you why investing is the most powerful (and passive!) way to build wealth. Whether you’re overwhelmed with the idea of investing , weighed down with debt, or at a loss for how to get started, I’ll break down what you need to know about.

America’s Premier
Money Expert

Meet Syga Thomas—an American entrepreneur and investment
specialist dedicated to helping people develop and maintain
healthy financial habits.If we’re being honest, financial
education in schools is seriously lacking. That’s why I’m
teaching this free class. I want to show you why investing
is the most powerful (and passive!) way to build wealth.