I’m Syga Thomas.

I'm America's go-to money coach and investment expert.  From real estate ventures to podcasting, I spend my immersed in finance. As a financial literacy and investment guru, I'm a frequent contributor to media outlets and have been quoted in The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, Urban Turf, Washingtonian, and other prominent publications.

Teaching people about how to invest, eliminate debt, attain financial freedom, and give back to their communities is my passion, and I’m so excited to join you on your path to financial literacy and independence. We’re going to make a great team!

Serial Entrepreneur

When I bought my first investment property in 2007, I certainly didn’t imagine where that project property would take me. Now, nearly two decades and over $50,000,000 later, entrepreneurship has gone from being my side hustle to my whole profession. Every day, I get to work with brilliant, motivated individuals like you! to completely change their lives through financial education. No matter whether you’re starting out in debt or in a position where you want to build the wealth you already have, I’m going to teach you how to be an expert in your personal finances and investments. 

Podcast Host

I get it: it’s hard to have a good relationship with finances if you’re not taught how! On the Go Money Podcast, you’ll get schooled on everything you should have been taught in school.

From budgeting basics to understanding the world of investment, I package years of econ, finance, and real estate experience  into bite-sized lessons you can listen to on your morning commute, while making dinner, or while walking the dog.




While I spend my time now coaching and mentoring others, I started out my professional life at the U.S. State Department. I served as a Diplomat and in several other governmental roles in countries including Niger, Pakistan, South Korea, Spain, and more. These formative years grew my interest in business and international affairs and gave me the skills I would need later to start my many philanthropical endeavors.


I wrote my first book, Save, Spend, Share: Budgeting for Kids! to teach children healthy financial habits starting as young as preschool. Using child-friendly prose, I explain the foundational concepts of a healthy financial mindset, such as the value of saving, where money goes once it is spent, how to earn money, and the why sharing is caring. My goal was to bring money to life for children with language and fun illustrations that set the foundation of healthy financial habits at the earliest age. Go out to your local library, bookstore or purchase on Amazon. No child can afford to miss this book!


In 2020, I launched the Syga Thomas YouTube channel in order to better share my personal experiences and lessons learned as a investment and money coach.  Videos on my channel cover a range of topics, including debt management, credit building strategies, cautionary tales from my early days of investing, and more.

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Community Leader

I know that there are people everywhere with ideas and gifts that could benefit their communities. However, many often lack the funding and opportunities needed to bring those ideas to life. With this in mind, I established the Thomas Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating and financing world-changing individuals. The Thomas Foundation also supports art, health, and leadership initiatives worldwide as well as in D.C., my hometown.

Personal Life

A West Coast native, I grew up in Los Angeles. I attended Columbia University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in History and Sociology. Later on, I attended Johns Hopkins University and obtained an MA in International Economics and International Relations.

As a lifelong learner and traveler, I spent several years living outside of the U.S. and thus learned to communicated  with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This experience has also enriched my love of languages. I currently speak Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Urdu.

When I’m not helping others become debt free and master personal finances, I enjoy spending time relaxing with my wife and kids.