Teaching your child to care about money (I wrote a book)!


My child always wants too many things, without caring how much it costs – so I wrote a book about it. I wanted to write a book that taught my kids and other kids the value of money and I wanted it to be compelling enough for them to remember what they learned from the book the next time they found their new favorite thing at the mall.

I talk about why I wrote the book, how I made it engaging, what’s in it, and how to begin teaching your kids about the value of money (with or without the book). 

Get Spend, Save, Share: Budgeting For Kids on Amazon 

“Children have to understand that in exchange for working, you receive money. And with that money, you can buy things. Once you make that connection with your children that’s when they start to really understand personal finances”

What we discussed

    • (00:00) Writing my first book 
  • (00:53) Can your child budget? 
  • (03:51) Book writing process
  • (07:35) Saving, spending, and sharing for children OR Teaching your child to save, spend, and share
  • (08:45) Excerpt from Save, Spend, and Share
  • (10:01) What the book will teach your kids 
  • (11:40) How to begin teaching your kids about money

What Save, Spend and Share will cover:

In a playful but fascinating manner, the book will help your children: 

  • Be empowered to earn money
  • Understand the difference between selfishness and selflessness
  • Separate needs from wants
  • Be giving with money, time, and talent 
  • Have a sense of responsibility attached to money 

You will be able to:

  • Teach your kids the basics of money management 
  • Build a financial literacy foundation that will last them a lifetime